Born in 1972
Lives and works in Paris, France.

Editor of Art Jewelry Forum, 2013
Member of the collective Thinktank, a European initiative for the Applied Arts, since 2009
Member and founder of La Garantie, Association pour le Bijou, 2007

Benjamin Lignel first trained in philosophy & literature, then in art history, at New York University, and finally in furniture design, in London: hence his interest in the functional object, complicated by a penchant for art, and further perverted by sustained exposures to literary works, often momentous, sometimes pertinent.

The particulars of his training (two years of furniture design, and five days in jewellery making) defined the way he initially approached jewellery: concerning himself primarily with notions of function and context of use, and usually working towards self-appointed briefs, whilst one step removed from actual manufacture.

His work consists in an extended family of singular objects: their subject is jewellery and their method consists in occupying the space that separates the a priori destination of jewellery (the body) from its actual preferred playgrounds: the page, the plinth, the top left drawer of your vanity table. His recent work focuses on the operations that frame the production of value in art and contemporary craft, and on the figure of the trophy.

The laws of gravity, or possibly the cyclical nature of one?s interests, have recently been steering him back towards desktop adventures, including, but not limited to, curatorial, associative and writing endeavours. His first curatorial project (in collaboration with Christian Alandete) was also known as jewellery, a touring exhibition of French contemporary jewellery which saw 6 countries before shutting down in 2011. Ben helped program and organize the 44th Zimmerhof symposium (2012) in Germany as well as Bijou(x). Les Pratiques contemporaine à l?épreuve de leur discours (2014) a two-day symposium hosted by PCA, in Paris. Ben has lectured extensively on his practice, and on contemporary jewellery: in England, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, Germany, Mexico, and France.


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1993 - 1995
MA Furniture Design, Royal College of Art, London, UK

1990 - 1992
BA History of Art, New York University, New York, USA


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Scientific adviser to Medusa, bijoux et tabous exhibition, Paris (France)

Associate curator to  Mirror-Mirror exhibition, Cagnes-sur-Mer (France), San Francisco (USA)

Associate curator to Collect Rocks, Plant flag exhibition, S O gallery, London, UK

Associate curator to Also known as jewellery exhibition, London (UK), Roma (Italy), San Francisco (USA), Munich, Idar-Oberstein (Germany), Falkenberg (Suède), Paris (France)


MEDUSA, with Anne Dressen and Michèle Heuzé, Paris Musée

On and Off - Jewelry in the wider cultural field, Art Jewelry Forum, Mill Valley

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Editor, Art Jewelry Forum Best of Interview, Art Jewelry Forum, Mill Valley
Editor, différence et répétition, la garantie, association pour le bijou, Paris

with Christian Alandete, Also Known as Jewelry, la garantie, association pour le bijou, Paris
with Jorunn Veiteberg, Co-éditeur, Speed - ThinkTank, edition 06, ThinkTank, a European Initiative for the Applied Arts, Gmunden

Editor, Are you Bleeding Yet, monography Ida Applebroog, D.A.P. New York


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?Well I like you?but I?m not sure I want to take you home with me? a collectors Round Table, Joya fair, Barcelona, Spain
?Answering questions you did not ask?, New Narrative in Craft seminar, Oslo, Norway
?Intensive Relaxation 101?, an intensive masterclass in the Estonian Academy of Art, Tallinn, Estonia

?Exhibitionism(s)? a one-week masterclass, Sint Lucas, Antwerp, Belgium (guests: Christian Alandete, Guillaume Désanges and Anne-Claire Schmitz)
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?Long live Jewelleronauts!?, conference, Central Saint Martins, London, United Kingdom
?Post-Production: the exhibition?, workshop, Auckland Museum, New Zealand
?Différence et répétition?, conference, Talkfest, New Zealand
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?Exhibitionism?, Three-day workshop, Ar.Co / Pin, Lisbon, Portugal
?Fake?,  a four-day workshop, AdBK Nürnberg, Germany

?You are now leaving Switzerland? five daysworkshop,  Sint Lucas, Antwerp, Belgium
?Under the Influence?, conference, Sint Lucas, Antwerp, Belgique
?the exhibition, the statement, the crit? ufour days workshop, AdBK Nürnberg, Germany
?Texts and Pretexts: on a pen pusher?s jewelry practice?, conference, San Diego State University, USA
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with Namita Wiggers ?This is not a book: a treat drive through Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective (part 2)? , conference,  University of Oregon, Eugene, USA
with Liesbeth den Besten ?Dissolve and Disseminate! A Discussion on Contemporary Jewelry that Walks, Talks, and Pickets? California College of Arts, San Francisco, USA
?the invention of errors / the invention of invention? four days workshop, AdBK Nürnberg, Germany

Associate organizer of the conference cycle The Public and Private Lives of Jewellery, Zimmerhof, Bad-Rappenau, Germany
Plan Bs and Smoke signals, conference during the symposium Jewellery Unleashed hosted by Premsela, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Keeping it pure, keeping it dead, conference, Melbourne, Australia
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Round-table discussion, What does it mean to us et Jewellery in a truly global context, Symposium Area Gris, Mexico, Mexico

Symposium at Science Museum, Manchester, UK

Associate organizer for Decemberfest / 1ère Edition (AFEDAP), Paris, France
Conference to Middlesex University, Londres, Royaume-Uni
Conference to l?ESAD, Limoges, France

Founding Member of La Garantie, Association pour le Bijou, Paris, France

Workshop, AFEDAP, Paris, France

Semaine folle, External speaker, ESAD, Reims, France

External speaker, RCA, London, UK